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Claro automatic virtual microscopy

High speed processing and high quality image come first.
VASSALO provides distinctive progress in pathology and bioscience with accurate and detailed virtual slides.
Our goal is to make an automatic cancer diagnosis machine. We are developing superior medical image processing systems.
Magnified minute images of tissue are essential for pathology, especially when a doctor must make a decision about a certain disease through microscope diagnosis. Automatic virtual microscopy CLARO series makes this possible. VASSALO and TOCO can take high- resolution images in PC through a microscope and can display images on its monitor immediately.
The fidelity and precision of virtual slides produced by CLARO series can dramatically improve pathology.




Only Virtual Slide can make it.

Using digital pictures, Virtual Slide shows the specimen as if looking through the microscope.

Virtual Slide doesn't discolor.
The color of general glass specimen fades over time, but Virtual Slide keeps images clear and vivid.

Virtual Slide can make copies.
There are no identical glass specimens. Virtual Slide can make unlimited copies of the same specimens.
By burning to CD and DVD, it is possible to provide exactly the same specimens for scientific meetings and educational studies.

Many people can observe Virtual Slide at the same time.
Showing the image on the PC monitor or the projector, many people can share the specimen. The conference can proceed efficiently much more than using the discussion microscope.

It is easy to find Virtual Slide.
It is difficult to find a specific glass specimen which has been filed away..
Virtual Slide's images are stored in the database. It is easy to find a certain specimen with a key word, such as the patient ID or specific department's name.

Virtual Slide takes less space.

Virtual Slide can store a large number of images on the hard disk and CD,DVD.
It takes much less room than the specimen rack.

Virtual Slide can lay out the images.
The images of the HE stain and immunity stain can be shown side by side on the PC monitor. With one click, synchronized image appears.
We are developing additional functions as well.

Virtual Slide has a standard connecting interface.
To connect with the other database system, Virtual Slide has a connecting interface. It is possible to work together with various systems, such as electronic medical records.

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